Volunteers Needed!!

The PTO is getting very busy and we're in need of your help. There are opportunities for everyone. Some you can even do at home! See the bottom of this page for descriptions of each opportunity. Then fill in the form and we'll contact you with more information. Thanks for helping!
  • Popsicles in the Park

    Occurs: End of August----- Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers------ Popsicles in the park is a chance for the families of NHES to get together at the beginning of the school year and meet each other. Each student is provided a popsicle as we gather at the New Holland park. We need someone(s) to plan the event and several volunteers to run the event. Set up takes less than an hour before the event and clean up takes even less.
  • Race for Education

    Occurs: October-------Need: Co-lead and volunteers------This is a major event for the school. The PTO gets the majority of its funding from Race for Education. We already have a lead but would like a co-leader to start to learn the nesseccary information. We also need plenty of volunteers to help with handing out water and directing children on the course the day of the event.
  • Teacher Appreciation Dinner

    Occurs: November-----Need: volunteers-----Our teachers work hard for our students! We show our appreciation for all that they do twice a year by providing a special meal. During 1st quarter conferences we plan a dinner around a specific theme (taco bar, Potato bar, pasta and salad bar, etc.). The help needed for this event is simply volunteering to bring a food item!
  • Holiday Gift Shop

    Occurs: December-----Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers-----This is another major event but we have an awesome company that we work with who provides us tablets to quickly check out students and track our sales. There is no counting of inventory!! We need someone(s) to plan the activities that occur in the gym while students are waiting, someone(s) to run the gift shop efficiently, and lots of volunteers to help both the gift shop and gym activities run smoothly.
  • Spelling Bee

    Occurs: January-----Need: Volunteers-----Most of the work for this event is done by the teachers. The PTO provides a few volunteers to set up, help with check-in, and pack up at the end.
  • Family Game Nights

    Occurs: February, March, and April-----Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers-----The lead for this event plans the events that will occur at the March and April game nights and confirms that book bingo will occur in February with the Elanco Public library. Other volunteers are needed to set up and pack up any games that are used.
  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

    Occurs: May-----Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers-----Just like the dinner at the beginning of the year this event is the second time we honor our teachers with food. This time its breakfast!! While someone needs to lead the coordination of who brings what food, how it’s set out, and that the meal seems complete a lot of the help needed for this event is simply volunteering to bring a food item!
  • Talent Show

    Occurs: May-----Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers-----The lead(s) for this event will coordinate the order of the acts as well as lead the rehearsal and shows. Volunteers are needed to help organize students, set up and take down the event, and help with music and lights.
  • May Fair

    Occurs: May-----Need: Lead/co-lead and volunteers-----We need a lead(s) to plan the food and games at this event. Volunteers are needed to help run the games and organize the handling of food.
  • Spirit Wear

    Occurs: November and April-----Need: Volunteers-----We need people to help track and fill orders!
  • Entering Coke Caps

    Occurs: all year-----Need: Volunteers-----We need people to enter the codes from the coke caps we collect that help us raise money for the school. The best part is you can do this at home whenever you have time!