My Coke Rewards: The Race is On!!!

My Coke Rewards kick off contest is off to a great start!


We received 3717 coke points which equals $56.00
The winners from the summer contest are:

5th prize – NHES sneaker badges/charms
Student in 4 Hare
150 Coke points
Student in 3 Williard
150 Coke points
4th prize – NHES magnet
Student in 2 Stoltzfus
432 Coke points
3rd prize – NHES Spirit Wear
Student in K Eberly
756 Coke points
2nd prize – NHES Yearbook
Student in 6 Haines
820 Coke points
1st prize – All 4 NHES prizes above!
Student in 6 Mergenthaler
1163 Coke points

We will continue to collect My Coke Rewards at the end of each month. Grade level totals will be posted in the cafeteria and on our website to see which grade is in the lead. At the end of the year the grade that brought in the most Coke points will win a Popsicle party.
Top 3 grades are as follows:

1st – 6th Grade 1163 Coke points
2nd – Kindergarten 756 Coke points
3rd – 2nd Grade 432 Coke points

Thank you!!!
From the NHES PTO