Start Your Engines: My Coke Rewards

My Coke Rewards contest!

coke products

1) Drink your favorite Coca-Cola beverages & get My Coke Rewards codes.

Codes can be found on 15 brands

Coca-Cola  –  POWERADE  –  Fresca  –  Coke Zero  –  Minute Maid –  Pibb  –  Diet Coke  –  Fanta  –  Sprite  –  Mellow Yellow  –  VAULT  –  NESTEA  –  DASANI  –  Barq’s  –  Seagram’s

Where to find codes: 

Under Caps – Inside tear-off on 12-pks – On multi-pack wraps

2) Turn them in to your child’s teacher in a plastic bag by Thursday 9/1/16

3) On 9/9/16 winners of the prizes listed below will be announced

1st prize  All 4 NHES prizes below!

2nd prize  NHES Yearbook

3rd prize  NHES Spirit Wear

4th prize  NHES magnet

5th prize  NHES sneaker badges/charms